Simple QR Codes is a beautiful QR codes plugin that displays 9 types of qr codes via shortcodes. Add a simple but very useful feature to your website with this stylish plugin. You can use them anywhere in the website, to display nice short information about things that your visitors can save easily on their mobile devices. You can set 9 types of QR codes with any size and any alignment.

Easy to use
Call to Action Text!
9 QR Types
Auto QR Code – Generates a QR code with the page URL
Custom Size, Alignment & Margin
Dynamic “On the Fly” QR Images
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Why Trivia Quizzes for WordPress & Facebook?

Why don’t you offer your readers the opportunity to challenge themselves? Keep users coming back & get a bigger audience using trivia quizzes!

You can easily add it on your wordpress blog, as shortcode on a certain page or as application on Facebook Pages!

It’s a fun way to provide a better customer experience and increase your mobile audience response.

Maximize the use of the trivia quiz! It includes everything you need.

Create professional quizzes in just minutes. Using our Trivia Quizzes for WordPress & Facebook you will definitely save money and time.

Compared to any other similar product on the market the quiz is innovative, new, original!

Find the fun behind a trivia quiz. The reward will be bigger, as the challenge grows harder. Let your users enjoy, participate and share the results. Why not to spice things a bit ? Think about including a prize at the end of the quiz , and let the best man win!

You can grow your traffic using a series of trivia quizzes with topics related with your business.


Meme Generator can be used to create funny and viral Meme Images. Meme – Add caption to your images. Browse the most popular memes, create your own meme and caption your favorite character. You can add caption to any photo in your mobile and make custom memes. Have Fun!


Add Caption in Photos Add Meme in any photo in your mobile Add Caption to existing popular Meme’s Add Caption in Top and Bottom of Image

Share photos via Email, Facebook, Twitter Users can share photos with friends using social networking sites, email and can even save photos

Supports Popular image formats Admin can add photos, images and pictures in HD, png and jpeg format

Add banners or Admob code Monetize your Android App by adding banners or Admob code


PHP Radio Stations Database is a simple, yet unique script which allows users to discover new radio stations around the world. They can find stations by their favourite genre, by the country they are from, or even random radios. The script is easy to install/configure, the only things in order to run it are a server with PHP5, cUrl(), mod_rewrite and a Dirble API key.

Main features
Radio stations database
Sorting by genres/countries
No Database required
Radios information (country, bitrate, status, site)
Cross-Browser responsive desing (bootstrap)
~400 radio stations (and counting)
Ready to go in a few minutes
SEO ready (url friendly links)
and more…

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4 pics 1 word is very popular game. It hit 100.000.000 players wordwide.
The rule is very simple: 4 pictures that have 1 word in common. You need to find that word.

Features :

  • Cool UI
  • Easy to customize
  • Google In-app purchase integrated.
  • Admob supported (interstitial)
  • Unlimited levels
  • Leaderboard with SwarmConnect
  • Flurry analytics integrated
  • Rate me integrated
  • Share photos via Facebook



Over 50% of Facebook Traffic is coming from mobile devices.

All types of businesses use Facebook Apps. Here are some Examples of Different Types of businesses using Facebook Apps.

When access Facebook Apps using desktop, you will see like this : But there is one issue with Facebook Apps, They do not display on mobile devices. Over 50% of Facebook Traffic is coming from mobile devices. What happen when you see your apps on mobile device :

The first of its kind WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate any exit Facebook app into a Smart Link that redirects mobile users to a mobile web app version of your Facebook apps.

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Unlimited Developer License

Install The Plugin On Unlimited Personal or Client Websites and Create Unlimited Smart Link apps Right Now.

Free Flat Manga

Free Flat Manga

Flat Manga General Features

  • Easy setup Just input some details and with one clicks, your site go alive.
  • Powerful and professional admin pages Flat manga provides well-designed and well-made admin pages so that the site administrators can manage everything (mangas, chapters, and so on) easily.
  • Stable, light weight, and Reliable Flat manga using H0 Framework which is powerful and customizable. The framework also has an intensive internal caching system and optimized SQL implementation that make flat manga light weight.
  • Template system Modern design using bootstrap as default made Flat manga modern, up-to-dated and responsive.
  • Locales system Easy to translate your site to other language with one files only.
  • Dynamic Content and widget is dynamic, you can personalize your site as your own style, using html to make your site contenfull and unique
  • Informative interface Flat manga provide a very nice layout and user friendly interface. There are also tooltips and popover applied to the listing to have more information.
  • Stand-Alone Flat manga is a stand alone application but by using H0 Framework, you can interact Flat manga with other products using same Framework like forum, support board, etc.
  • Flexible manga chaptering Support non numerical manga chaptering so that you can have chapter like “Extra 01?, “Extra 02?, “Special 01?, etc.
  • Search engines friendly (SEO optimized) This application using friendly slug for friendly url, this slug also effect multi language, in English, the url is manga-something.html, in Vietnamese, it is: doc-truyen-something.html. Very dynamic. You also can customize the meta descriptions, page title and keywords for manga page, chapter page.
  • Clean code Flat manga is very well written and applies good coding structure that makes it stable and maintainable. It consists of several layers to handle the core process, theme system, module/add on system, page, and widgets

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